Maths Tuition Singapore

How can this app help me?

This app is intended to help PSLE and Secondary students to learn the basics of Mathematics. Learn anywhere, anytime at your own pace with our simple to understand lessons, videos.

To enhance your understanding of topics learnt, we provide you unlimited practice questions. Solve them at your own pace. Do one or as many question as you want. The app do not just give answers but provides step-by-step solution for each and every question.

Is this completely FREE to use?

YES. Totally FREE to use. You do not even have to register.

Who developed the lessons and unlimited practice questions?

My name is Aman. I developed these lesson and unlimited practice question that my students use. I hold Master degree in Mathematics with PG. Diploma in Computer Application both in first class.

Teaching Mathematics is my full time career since 1986. For the past 30 years, I taught a number of students to score good grades in Mathematics.

Author of Maths Handbook

Author of iPhone App

EasyElearn - Maths 101 - Infocom Consultants Pte Ltd

Author of E-learning Portal

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