I registered. But did not receive your email for login password.
As soon as you registered our system will send you an email.
May be check your Spam/Junk folder.
Include us in your address book, so that you do not miss anyemails from us.

Why do I have to register?
Our FREE registration gives you access to all FREE courses in our website.
You can check why our courses are popular, gauge whether they are suitable for you and check whether they runs well with your hardware and resources.

Do you have any FREE course?
We have a number of  FREE courses. Just Register in our website to view these lessons. Registration is FREE.

What are the hardware requirements to access the courses?
Computer with a modern (HTML5) browser with audio features. You can check out FREE courses to find out whether your hardware is suitable.

Do you accept Cash, Cheque payments?
At present, PayPal is the only payment mode we use.

Is my credit card information safe with you?
PayPal maintains all your credit information. We do not even see your credit card number.

I am a school teacher/administrator and would like to register my students. Whom can I contact for more information?
Please send us an email

How can I ask for help if I do not understand your lessons?
First check our knowledge base.
If it cannot find answer to your  question, a form will be displayed to submit your questions.  We go through your question and answer it.

If you like to have PAID 1-1 session with a tutor to clarify your doubts, send us the request form and we will take you from there.

If I buy 1 month access, what will happen to my user ID after 1 month?
We do not cancel your user ID. It stays and you can access all the FREE courses. After 1 month you do not have the access to the course that you bought.

Can I buy more than one course?